About Me

Hi, my name's Janette, I started this blog in 2013 as a way to record my experiences, and the ups and downs of growing my own fruit and vegetables in a Mediterranean climate. It is still mainly a garden journal, but it has since expanded to include some of my other interests.

Originally from the western suburbs of Sydney, I moved to the northern suburbs of Adelaide in March 2009. I have always been a gardener, mostly flowers, but I dabbled in growing a few vegetables as well, but it wasn't until I moved here that I become a bit more serious about growing my own fruit and vegetables.

Growing in South Australia has certainly been challenging, especially in summer when there is very little rain, and at times it has been incredibly disheartening as I watched things die despite my best attempts to keep them alive.  I keep trying though, because at the end of the day I love knowing that what I grow and eat is completely free from chemicals and pesticides and nothing beats the taste of freshly picked home-grown produce.

The garden has changed many times since I turned the first spade of soil over back in April 2009.

This was how it looked in November 2015.

 This is what it looks like today.

The back two metres of the garden now contains a greenhouse and the rest of that area has been turned into an insect garden with the hope that it will attract more pollinators into the veggie garden. Along with planting flowers that pollinators find attractive, there is also an insect hotel, a bird bath as well as couple of shallow water dishes for the bees and butterflies.  

When I'm not gardening you'll most likely find me with my nose in a book as I am an avid reader, mainly in the mystery/thriller genre. Other hobbies include scrapbooking, crocheting and knitting, which I only do in the winter, as it is just too hot to do them during summer. 

I hope you that you will join me in my ongoing journey, thank you for visiting and feel free to leave a comment. 


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