06 July 2013


I hadn't really planned on doing much today apart from some knitting and maybe catching up on Criminal Minds but when I went down to give the chickens some greens this morning,
I noticed that two of the cauliflower/broccoli plants (not sure which they are because someone didn't label them when they were planted because she thinks her memory is better than it actually is) had fallen over and needed staking.
Then as I was closing the gate I noticed the peas had fallen over and they needed to be tied up.
And then I noticed weeds in amongst the garlic and the more I looked the more weeds I saw. So I let the girls out of their run to stratch around in an empty vege bed and while the sun came out and went back in again,
 I pulled weeds, hilled up the potatoes and trimmed back the asparagus and the passionfruit vine. 
 Before I knew it a couple of hours had passed, the weed pile had grown
 and my fingernails had become dirty.
But that's OK because I really can't think of a better way to pass some time on this sunny/overcast/windy/rainy Saturday. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend as well.

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  1. What a wonderful way to spend a few hours. I love those unplanned gardening days.