6 July 2015

Garden Share Collective - July 2015

Hello everyone and welcome to another round of Garden Share Collective hosted by Kate, Kyrstie and Lizzie.
The month of June was a slow one, workwise, in the garden and a dry one too, with just over 16mm of rain recorded for the month.
The peas that I sowed in May have sprouted with about a 95% germination rate.
Melting Mammoth snowpeas.

The Green dragon broccoli hasn't done anywhere near as well this winter, they are only 1/3 of the size of the ones I grew last year and the heads are tiny.
I'm hoping they will get a little bigger than this before they have to be cut.
The Green Sprouting broccoli is coming on.
Broccoli in May on the left and June on the right.
As is the cauliflower.
The rhubarb is still producing stems, normally by this time of the year it has died down, but with the weather being all over the place as it has been I'm not surprised the poor plant is confused.
I have self-seeded tomatoes popping up all over the place, some of which are flowering. At last count, there were fourteen, if they all survive I won't have to worry about seeds or seedlings come spring. 
I pruned the grapevine back and I'm thinking I might have cut it back too far, I guess only time will tell. I will be repotting it into a half wine barrel soon and if it doesn't give me any fruit this year (it's five years old) it will be going into the compost.


I had a very small harvest of ginger, I had been expecting more considering how lush the plant was.
Apart from the ginger, pickings have been slim, almost non-existent this month, hopefully things will get a move on in the garden and next month's harvest will be bigger and better.


I finally got around to planting the potatoes, 6 each of, Kestrel, Blue Royal, and Red Delight and that's it, it's just a matter of waiting now.
My hens Rosie and Ginger have been through their moult and they looked very tatty this year. The feathers have grown back now and they are looking like their old selves again, I just wish they would start laying.
Rosie and Ginger doing their best to turn over the new compost bin.
That's it for this month, I will see you all again next month.

4 July 2015

Taking Stock

Making: An afghan for the lounge room
Cooking: Split pea and ham soup for dinner tomorrow night
Drinking: Coffee, tea and water (and maybe a glass or two of red wine)
Reading: Pigs in Clover
Wanting: A long holiday …….alone
Looking: Forward to becoming a grandmother again in the new year
Deciding: Whether to redesign the vegetable garden or not
Wishing: There were more hours in a day
Enjoying: Winter sunshine
Waiting: Impatiently for the vegetables to grow big enough to harvest
Wondering: If my outdoor entertaining area will ever look the way I want it to
Loving: My new boots
Pondering: The possibilities of a trip to Queensland for Christmas
Considering: Painting my bedroom
Buying: Nothing, unless it’s absolutely essential
Watching: Star Trek: Enterprise and CSI: New York
Marvelling: That I am managing to keep the maidenhair fern I was given for Mother’s Day alive
Needing: To clean out the freezers
Smelling: Chocolate mud cake baking
Wearing: Lots of layers to ward off the winter cold
Noticing: How quickly time is passing
Knowing: That things will turn out all right in the end
Thinking: Too much about things that don’t really matter
Sorting: Out the house, one room at a time
Getting: A lot done, but there is always more to do
Bookmarking: Lots of vegetarian meal ideas
Disliking: Narrow minded politicians
Giggling: At the goings on in Pigs in Clover
Feeling: Slightly overwhelmed
Helping: Wherever I can
Hearing: The sweet sound of silence