22 November 2016

Broad Beans

I had never grown broad beans before this year, I had tried them once many years ago and didn't like them so I never bothered with them.  
Since becoming a vegetarian earlier this year I found I needed to expand the variety of vegetables I eat so I decided to give them another go and I'm glad ๐Ÿ˜Š I did. Apart from the fact that they are easy to grow, and the flowers have the most amazing fragrance and the bees love them, they are delicious! What's not to like?

There are several varieties that you can grow, the type I grew this year was Early Long Pod and despite the fact that I didn't sow until July they still did exceptionally well. 

Next year as well as growing the Early Long Pod again I want to grow the Crimson Flowered variety too if for no other reason then the  gorgeous flowers.

Have you grown broad beans before? What was your experience with them?


  1. I grew them for the first time this year but planted way too late, especially for SE Qld.The position wasn't sunny enough and I didn't water them enough, so was happy to get 5 meals from a few plants.
    Next year will be earlier planting in a better place with better water access.
    Mine were delicious, hope to grow lots more.

    1. Mine were grown in full sun and we had so much rain over the last few months I didn't have to worry about a lack of water. The only thing I will be doing differently next year is planting twice as many as I did this year. Good luck with growing them next year and thanks for dropping by.