03 December 2013

Tale of Woe 1 - When Chickens Go Wild

I was in the kitchen cooking dinner on Sunday night when my daughter called me to come outside. "I'm cooking dinner", I told her. Her reply was "I know but you need to see this". So outside I went wondering what could be so important, "You're not going to like this", she said in a very ominous voice. Of course the first thing I thought of was that one of my chickens had died, it wasn't quite that bad but bad enough. The gate to my vegetable garden is a bit dodgy and if you don't latch it right it comes undone and the chickens had gotten into the garden and had themselves a fine old time.
Not a leaf was left on the Kohl Rabi
They ate the lettuce which they would normally turn their noses up at and the cucumber seedlings that I had planted that morning are no more.
Not a single corn seedling was left uneaten.
This bed had bok choy and choy sum in it, not anymore.
The strawberry bed which I had just started to plant up. It only had three plants in it, I can only find one.

The good news is that the tomato plants some of which are just starting to flower were left untouched.
 As where the pumpkin, zucchini, rockmelon and watermelon seedlings. I was already late in getting the garden planted out and this has put me even further behind, so it's off to the big green shed to buy replacemant plants and the gate is now securely tied up,  I don't think I could stand it if this happened again.


  1. How disappointing!
    On the up side, it brought a little smile to our faces (a smile of understanding that is..). And my husband said 'I must put a fence around the vegie garden', so you may have inspired action in my neck of the woods...

    1. I remember the post you wrote about your chickens invading the veg patch so I know you understand. Not only do I have a fence around the vegetable garden but I have also had to put up shade cloth to stop them flying over the fence. I might give your idea of jute and prayer flags a go when the weather cools down.

  2. Oh noooooo! That's so disappointing. I have my ducks well locked up but still fear them getting into the garden one day and decimating the crops. I hope your garden recovers quickly, which at this time of year it may do.

    1. Yes it was disappointing Bec but the lettuce are already sending up new leaves and the kohl rabi shouldn't take too long to recover.