10 June 2014

Harvest Monday

A little late but better late than never.
The sweet potato harvest didn't yield as much as I was hoping for, just 800g. Oh, well there is always next year.
The beans are coming along nicely and I have been able to pick enough for a couple of meals, this lot weighed just over 200g.
Windsor longpod
The chillies are still producing, although they are just about finished now.
The hot wax has been the best performer by far and I have quite a lot frozen to use over winter.
So, not a huge harvest but a start, and I am looking forward to the coming months when hopefully all our vegetable needs will be picked fresh from the garden. Hop over to Daphne's to see what others have been harvesting.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely harvests. My sweet potatoes are always chewed by some kind of insect. Maybe just a sowbug. I wish they were as pristine as yours is.