17 July 2014

The Winter Vegetable Garden

My poor blog has been sadly neglected of late. Life has been a bit busier than normal with family visiting from interstate and a 70th birthday to celebrate (not mine that is quite a few years off yet). Now that life is back to normal I thought it was time for a garden update.
 There are some things in the garden that are doing well, like the Green Dragon broccoli.
  The kale which is looking lush and green.
The cauliflowers are coming on nicely, although there is no sign of any heads forming yet.
 The snow peas, despite a bad case of powdery mildew are growing strong and are supplying us with a handful every couple of days or so.
Windsor Longpod beans, these 8 small plants have produced almost a kilo of beans so far. I will be planting a whole bed of them next year.
 I dug the first crop of Purple Kestrel a couple of weeks ago, not a big harvest, 300g, but they were very good.
Then there are the things that aren't doing as well as I hoped. 
These are wong bok cabbages or I should say what's left of them, of the 12 cabbages I planted these are the only two that survived. I think that earwigs might be responsible for the damage.   

 I am going to leave them because although they don't look great they are starting to form hearts.
 Unlike the snow peas the sugar snaps are not coping with the powdery mildew as well. Although they are producing they are nowhere near as big as they should be so I think it might be best to pull these out and sow more seeds.
So that is what's happening in the garden at the moment, I still have to sow more broccoli and carrot seeds but apart from that the winter planting is taken care of and with just over six weeks to the start of spring I am already plotting and planning what to plant in the spring/summer garden.  


  1. Your garden's looking great! those sweet asian greens are always so tempting to pretty much everything aren't they?! I have a hard time keeping the pests off mine as well! The slugs always try and demolish mine...

    1. It's funny you should mention slugs. I have just had to pull the cabbages out as the slugs found them and had made a meal of them overnight.

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