03 September 2014

Garden Share Collective September 2014

It's September, already! Is it just me or does this year seem to be flying by at an alarming rate.
August was a month of unseasonably warm weather during the day, cold nights and no rain.
What's been happening in the garden?  There are blossoms on the plum and orange trees,

and the shelling peas are starting to produce.
   Harvests in August were mostly cauliflower and broccoli, along with the odd carrot.
The snow and sugar snap peas were a real disappointment this year, last year I had so many I didn't know what to do with them all and this year the plants only produced 783 grams. I have sown more sugar snap peas in the hope of getting some more before the weather gets too hot and if I can find room for them I will sow more snow peas too.

Sow seeds of tomatoes, spinach, silverbeet, basil, snow peas, coriander and cucumber. Linking up with Lizzie at Strayed from the Table.


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