06 April 2015

Garden Share Collective

Welcome to another Garden Share Collective hosted by Lizzie from Strayed from the Table, a place for gardeners to share what has been happening in their patches over the last month.
Garden Share Collective
The month of February was so disappointing garden wise, I couldn't even be bothered writing about it and March wasn't much better.  Most of the beds have been cleared of summer crops now with the exception of the zucchini, basil and pumpkins.

The zucchini is still flowering and I am hoping to get a few more before the weather gets too cold, I have only harvested one so far.

The basil is flowering and needs to be picked and the bed emptied, so I can sow the bean seeds.

 There are still 2 pumpkin vines, flowering and setting fruit, and I'm not sure what to do with them as I need the bed for peas, but I don't want to miss out on the chance of pumpkins either. Should I pull them out or wait a bit longer?


Harvests for this month were a bit on the thin side with only one zucchini.

 Two of the smallest watermelons I have ever seen.
And a few raspberries, which were a lot tarter than I was expecting. This was the plants first crop, hopefully next year they will be a bit sweeter

The basil has been fantastic this year and I have had so much that I have been giving a lot of it away. 


Seedlings of Green Dragon broccoli (11), mini cauliflowers (6) and almost 2 dozen silverbeet seedlings.


Green Sprouting broccoli 
Romanesco broccoli
Snowball cauliflower
Red Taipan bok choi
Kwang Moon pak choi 
Dwarf Green Curled kale
Milan Purple Top turnips
English Medania spinach

Still need to sow

Snow peas
Mammoth Melting 

Podding peas 
Early Crop Massey
Dwarf Blue Bantam

Windsor Longpod
Hawkesbury Wonder


Red Delight 
Cream Delight


Well, that's it for this months Garden Share Collective. I hope you have all had a good month in the garden, I'm off to Lizzie's to see how everyone else's gardens have been doing. 


  1. Very cute watermelons. I hope you get some more harvest before the cooler weather sets in.

  2. Oh you have been busy. Go on, leave those pumpkins a wee bit longer. Those peas will be up and climbing up skywards before you know it. I just love the varieties of veg that you have yet to sow. Many of them I haven't heard of before. Best of luck!

  3. mmm raspberries. I can't believe those watermelons so tiny at least you have had some nice looking zucchini's. Hope the next round of planting goes well.