10 May 2015

Garden Share Collective

Linking up with Lizzie at Strayed from the Table  for another round of Garden Share Collective.

Sadly, not a lot has changed in my veggie patch since last month, it has been badly neglected and pretty much left to its own devices. Despite the neglect things are still growing.
Red Taipan Bok choi
I planted silverbeet in a few gardens and it is all doing well.
Silverbeet growing amongst the weeds that are threatening to take over the veggie patch.
The rhubarb is still growing strong, I will be harvesting this sometime in the coming week and it will be going into the freezer for later use.
The pumpkins are looking a bit tired now, but I am hoping they will continue to grow long enough for the two smaller pumpkins on the vine to ripen. We are expecting our first frost on Thursday, so I will have to remember to cover it.
 The only cucumber to survive the summer has finally set fruit, will it reach maturity, I hope so.
If you look closely you will see a smaller cucumber sheltering underneath the leaves.


What I think will be the last of the basil, but it was a very good harvest. I will be freezing the majority of it to use over the cooler months.
Celery seeds, I have been unable to find this in the shops, so I decided to grow my own.


Garlic, 60 cloves all together, 36 white, 24 purple.

To do list 

Get some peas sown ASAP.
Buy more seedlings of broccoli, cauliflower and Asian greens.

See you all next month.


  1. Oh golly that red taipan bok choy is awesome - where did you get the seeds? I would love to try growing that. I love celery seed too - I remember how we used to use celery salt as a child.

  2. I got the original plants from Bunnings last year, the ones in the veggie patch this year are volunteer plants.