04 July 2015

Taking Stock

Making: An afghan for the lounge room
Cooking: Split pea and ham soup for dinner tomorrow night
Drinking: Coffee, tea and water (and maybe a glass or two of red wine)
Reading: Pigs in Clover
Wanting: A long holiday …….alone
Looking: Forward to becoming a grandmother again in the new year
Deciding: Whether to redesign the vegetable garden or not
Wishing: There were more hours in a day
Enjoying: Winter sunshine
Waiting: Impatiently for the vegetables to grow big enough to harvest
Wondering: If my outdoor entertaining area will ever look the way I want it to
Loving: My new boots
Pondering: The possibilities of a trip to Queensland for Christmas
Considering: Painting my bedroom
Buying: Nothing, unless it’s absolutely essential
Watching: Star Trek: Enterprise and CSI: New York
Marvelling: That I am managing to keep the maidenhair fern I was given for Mother’s Day alive
Needing: To clean out the freezers
Smelling: Chocolate mud cake baking
Wearing: Lots of layers to ward off the winter cold
Noticing: How quickly time is passing
Knowing: That things will turn out all right in the end
Thinking: Too much about things that don’t really matter
Sorting: The house out, one room at a time
Getting: A lot done, but there is always more to do
Bookmarking: Lots of vegetarian meal ideas
Disliking: Narrow-minded politicians
Giggling: At the goings-on in Pigs in Clover 
Feeling: Slightly overwhelmed
Helping: Wherever I can
Hearing: The sweet sound of silence

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  1. A wonderful list! I love my boots too .... :)