01 August 2015

Colouring In - No Longer Just for the Kids

I'm not one to buy into every new fad or craze that comes along, but this is one craze that I'll quite happily take part in, colouring-in books just for us adults.  It's a craze that is sweeping the world, allowing adults an escape from the hectic pace of their everyday lives, a chance to disconnect from the technological world we live in and get back to basics. By focusing the mind on colouring, it brings calmness and stillness to the mind, almost like a form of meditation. 

There is a wide range of books available, below are just a few examples of what is available.

Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford, beautifully illustrated and just waiting to be brought to life with colour.

Animal Kingdom and Tropical Wonderland by Millie Marotta.

I love paisley so this one is right up my alley.

Art Therapy Colouring Book, this is one of a series of three books, the other two are Colour Therapy and Creative Therapy.

If you would like to indulge yourself, but don't want to buy any books, just type free colouring pages for adults into your search engine, there are plenty to choose from. Me, I'm off to do some more colouring.

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  1. What a great book,that would keep me busy for hours ��