26 January 2016

January Garden Share Collective - Fruit

Welcome to this month's Garden Share Collective, hosted by Kate and Krystie, the theme for this month is FRUIT. 

There isn't a lot of fruit being produced in my garden at the moment, in fact, this is all there is, well this and two others.

I have three paprika capsicums and each of them has born only one fruit. 
I haven't given up hope yet, I think the zucchini may be a lost cause, but the cucumber and pumpkin are both slowly growing and will hopefully bear fruit before the season ends.  


Nothing planted, but I have re-sown beans (which I soaked overnight hoping it would help with germination), corn, Butternut pumpkin as well as more watermelon and rockmelon. It's probably a waste of time, but I really would like to harvest something out of the vegetable garden this summer. I have also sown seeds of Italian Sprouting broccoli, Snowball cauliflower, Dwarf kale, Romanesco broccoli, Wong Bok cabbage, Pak choi and turnips. I'm looking forward to planting out the winter garden.


Apart from the capsicum the only other thing that is being harvested is some thyme when I need it.

That's it for this month , see you next month for another round of Garden Share Collective. I'm hoping to have a lot to share with you then.


  1. Hi Jan, what a shame your zucchini are not growing well this season. I hope Spring is more productive for you. The capsicum looks great though and it is better than having nothing to collect! I have found that my first year capsicum have very few fruit also. I tend to leave them in over winter and the second year they are much more productive.

    1. Yes, it is definitely better to have some than none and I agree with you on over wintering, this is the capsicum second year and I am hoping to get another year out of it with hopefully a few more capsicums than this year.