29 February 2016

Summer's End

Although today marks the end of summer, and autumn officially begins tomorrow, the autumn solstice is not for a few more weeks and there is still some warmer weather to come, but I can already see and feel the season changing.

The morning light is softer and the morning shadows have shifted.
Where my vegetable garden used to be bathed in early morning sunshine, it's still in the shade until about eight o'clock.

The mornings have a chill to them, as do the nights and it's got me thinking about winter woollies and hot soup served with warm crusty bread, and of snuggling down underneath the doona.

I know summer isn't done with us yet, that there is still some hot weather to come, but soon the rains of winter will be here and that thought will keep me going through the next few weeks until the cooler weather finally arrives.


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