21 March 2016

Garden Update March 2016

I'm not even sure it's worth doing an update this month, but here it is.

The corn is still growing, still producing. 

Although it's all a bit hit and miss.

See what I mean. One perfect, fully fertilised cob and three that are, well the less said the better really. Before next summer I will have to read up on hand fertilising corn, hopefully this will improve the chances of getting full cobs.

The butternut pumpkin growing underneath has 3 tiny pumpkins.
I'm hoping that at least one reaches maturity.

The watermelon has gone wild, but as hard as I look I cannot see a single watermelon. There were a couple, but I can't see them any more, I'm guessing that they rotted in the recent rains.  It will be coming out next weekend as this bed is where the kale and pak choi will be growing.

The cucumbers have finally decided to grow, albeit slowly, but they have left their run too late now and they will also be coming out making way for the podding peas. 

The zucchini too has put on a far bit of growth, I'm almost tempted to leave it as I'm fairly certain I would get some fruit from it before the weather gets too cold.

The chillies have started to produce
Judging by the amount of flowers on each bush I am expecting a few more too.

The raspberries are ripening.

And despite the fact that some small creature dined extremely well on it,

the basil has grown back and is now ready to be enjoyed.

But by far the best crop this summer has been, this.
A lovely bed of self sown purslane, I just wish I knew what to do with it.

So that is were the garden is at the moment.

One last thing before I go, the greenhouse had its first visitor yesterday, a beautiful monarch butterfly.  Poor thing had managed to find the way in, but couldn't find the way out. 

I hope things are growing well in your garden, and I will see you all again next month. Happy gardening!


  1. Don't feel bad the only things I've got growing in my veggie garden are big weeds and just two plants burried between the weeds....thyme and rosemary which is hard to kill. I just finished reading "The Dirty Life" and loved it although it was a tough road for them. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

    1. I've watered my rosemary once since summer started and it is still growing strong, like you said it is very hard to kill. I am half way through reading "The Dirty Life", I don't think I could have stuck it out, so much hard work.