02 November 2016

October, Where Did You Go?

Well, that was the shortest month ever! I know this year is flying by, but October seemed to be over in the blink of an eye.
It's been a while since I did a garden update and it's time I rectified that. October, and September for that matter have been strange month's weather wise, very wet, cold and windy, but despite the unseasonable weather the plants in the veggie garden have been doing their own thing and apart from the garlic I'm really pleased with the harvests I have been getting.

The asparagus this year were a little less prolific than normal, but nonetheless delicious.

The peas on the other hand went a little crazy due I think to all the rain we've had.
Of the four different types of podding peas I grew this year my favourite was the Telephone peas, the Purple podded were also very nice so these are the two that I will be growing next year.

I trialled growing potatoes in pots this year and while it wasn't an outstanding success it wasn't a complete failure either.
On the plus side, they were the most delicious potatoes I've ever eaten, so creamy and I will be growing them again next winter.
A mix of Kestrel, Red Delight, Dutch Cream and Kipfler.
I grew Broad Beans for the first time this year, they are covered in flowers which the bees love and they have been visiting every afternoon.

 It looks like they have done a good job of pollination as there are a lot of beans developing.

While the plants have been busy growing I've been busy in the greenhouse sowing seeds for spring/summer.
So far I've sown seeds for pumpkins, zucchinis, cucumber, rockmelon and watermelon. The pumpkins and zucchini were planted out in the garden yesterday and the cucumbers have been planted in a large pot down near the house where they will have a bit more protection from the summer sun, the watermelon and rockmelon still having some growing to do before they are planted out.

Seeds for tomatoes (seven different varieties), capsicum (three varieties), and eggplant (two varieties), have been sown, but they haven't all been successful. Only three of the seven tomatoes germinated, one of the eggplant and none of the capsicum. I have re-sown four seeds each of the ones that didn't germinate in the hopes that I will get at least one of each.

Bean seeds (Borlotti, Brown Beauty, Tender Delight, and Butter Bean) were direct sown into the soil and while they all germinated the earwigs have had a field day with them and not all have survived, those that have are growing well, but I have sown more in pots in the greenhouse and will plant them out when they are big enough. Leeks, shallots, sage and Thai basil are all slowly emerging too.

So there you go, October in the garden, despite the weather it was an especially busy time and I am looking forward to reaping the rewards of all my hard work in the coming weeks. What's been happening in your garden?


  1. Look at all that fresh food you're growing, Jan. WOW! We have beans on at the moment and they are delicious. I love snacking on them and adding them to stir-fries. I have quite a few capsicum plants growing well and I'm looking forward to them fruiting as I'm growing a yellow variety this year too. I had been tending some lovely prolific cherry tomatoes but woke this morning to find that something's had a feast on the unripe fruit. Aargh! Luckily, there are cherry tomato seedlings popping up all over the garden so we should still get plenty. It's getting very hot here too quickly...forecast to be 34C here on Saturday so I'm going to have to set up the old sheet I use to provide some shade and keep temp down for native bee hives. I think it's going to be a hot summer! Meg


    1. Thanks for dropping by Meg. The weather here is still cool in the morning and mid 20's during the day and I would like if it stayed like that. What a shame about your tomatoes. Do you have blackbirds in your area? I've lost a few tomatoes to them in the past. I hope the capsicum do well for you, I'll look forward to reading about them on you blog.

  2. Thanks Kathy, you can be sure I will be growing a whole lot more next year.