12 December 2016

The Garden In November

By November the pickings in the vegetable garden were pretty lean, the broccoli and cauliflower were long gone, and there were only a few peas left on the vine,  the only other things left of the winter plantings were the broad beans and the garlic. 

It was my first time growing broad beans this year and I have to say I was very happy with the harvest I got. 

Being my first time growing them, I had no idea what to expect in regards to how many beans each plant would produce, but now I know that I need to grow at least double the amount next year.

And while I was happy with the broad beans, the garlic was another story.
I planted 52 cloves of garlic this year knowing that I use roughly one bulb a week that amount should last me all year. Of the 52 bulbs planted only 49 sprouted, but I was OK with that. 
Garlic late July
The plants grew well and I had high hopes of harvesting all 49 bulbs, unfortunately not all went to plan. 
With all the rain we had over the winter and well into the spring some of the garlic bulbs began to split apart and started to re-shoot, while some bulbs never developed separate cloves.
Not a great photo but can you see the undeveloped bulbs and the new shoots that have grown?
So for all my hard work the garlic harvest this year was meagre indeed only ten bulbs.
I guess when you are growing your own vegetables a few setbacks are to be expected, so with that in mind, I will look forward to next year and hope for a better harvest.

In the beds where the peas grew, the vines were all cut down, but their roots were left in place to add some nitrogen to the soil, and there are now Butternut pumpkin (squash) and True Gold sweetcorn growing in them.  I am succession growing the corn so as not to be overwhelmed by a glut as I have been in the past.

In the bed next to the Butternut are my fruiting vines, two watermelons, Sugar Baby and Luscious Red, one rockmelon (cantaloupe) Hale's Best, and a as yet unknown volunteer, as well as some Double Delight sunflowers.

On the opposite side of the patch in bed 1 the broccoli has been replaced by a Yellow Crookneck and an All Green Bush zucchini plus some Sun King sunflowers.

Beds two and three are planted out with beans, Tender Delight, Brown Beauty, Red Kidney, dwarf Borlotti and Golden Wax. I did have to do a second sowing as earwigs killed a few.

As you can see in the picture above in bed 4 there is another pumpkin, this time another first for me, Turkish Turban.

Everything has grown quite a bit since these photos were taken the and I've even had my first small harvest of beans and a couple of zucchini, I'll show you the photos in the next garden update in a couple of weeks time. How is your garden growing?  


  1. So much fresh food to look forward to in your garden, Jan. Slim pickings in my garden with heatwave conditions knocking it round a fair bit. We have had storms though. We are on holidays at the moment but I hope to come home to some capsicums, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and zucchini. Lettuce wasn't looking great when we left! I sympathise with the garlic situation...I planted elephant garlic over a year ago and every single one became a delicacy for slugs! The lettuce wasn't looking great before we left so I want to make a few wicking boxes (using styrofoam fruit boxes we have) to plant lettuce in and see if our verandah offers more shade. Meg:)

    1. I hope that you are enjoying your holiday and that when you get home you find your garden has flourished. Jan