13 January 2018

A Return To Winter ...... Almost

We had some lovely rain yesterday morning and it remained overcast all day, but it was still very warm and humid. I wasn't expecting it to rain today, but it has and the temperature has dropped enough that I almost need to put on a cardigan or jumper. 

I wish the weather would stay like this, but I know that tomorrow we will be back to summer and that autumn is still a long way off, so I'm going to enjoy today while it lasts.

For those of you who still read this blog (does anyone?) I just wanted to let you know that I will be changing the name of the blog sometime next week to http://simpleeverydayliving.blogspot.com.au/. My interests have changed over the past twelve months and while I still enjoy gardening and grow vegetables,  it isn't such a big part of my life anymore. I will still be writing posts about gardening it just won't be the main focus of the blog anymore, instead I will posting about the everyday things that bring me joy, like a rainy, cool day in the middle of summer. Enjoy what's left of the weekend and I hope you will continue to visit to see how the blog develops. 


  1. I look forward to your new simple living posts.

  2. We are sweltering up here, Jan, with temps in the mid 30Cs so I enjoyed reading about the cooler weather you are having. I'm looking forward to reading simple everyday living posts! Meg:)

    1. We've had a few days in the low 40's this summer and I'm sure there's more to come so today was a very pleasant change.