11 November 2013

Harvest Monday

It was a very disappointing garlic harvest this year, not so much in quantity but the quality was definitely lacking.
While some of the bulbs on top look a decent size, they are in fact quite small; the biggest one is only 4cms. There are some that didn't develop past the stage of the clove that I planted and others that split into seperate cloves.
I don't know what happened this year, could it be that I planted them at the wrong time, 2 days before the full moon in April. I think next year I will sow at the winter solstice as I did last year, the resulting harvest was much better.

The only other thing that has been harvested in the last week or so was carrots, 800gms of baby carrots to be exact. Grown in a polystyrene box and for the most part badly neglected.
 I wasn't sure whether they would be bitter because they had been neglected but no they tasted really good.

I have been very busy in the garden over the last few weeks rearranging things,  I'm not quite finished yet but hopefully by the weekend it will all be done.  I'll be back with photos when it is. Linking up to Daphne's Dandelions.


  1. That still looks like quite a nice basket of garlic. And I love a harvest despite neglect. Good on the carrots for surviving and still producing a delicious harvest.

  2. That looks pretty good to me! Don't believe the photos in garden publications. They only show the most perfect specimens, which can't reflect reality.