06 November 2013

Road Trip

Just a little over a month ago my daughters and I packed up the car and headed off to Victoria for the very first time to see my son who moved there two years ago and who we hadn't seen since Christmas.

Our first stop was in Renmark for morning tea, the roses were in full bloom and absolutely gorgeous.
I had the best apple pie and fresh cream I have ever tasted.
 Next stop Swan Hill, to refuel the car and ourselves. Not long after we arrived a wind storm blew up and as there were no shops opened we thought it would be better to continue on our way. Boy was that a mistake!
You can see some of the damage from the storm in the picture above.
Continuing on our way in the dark and battling against the elements, dust, tree branches bouncing off the windscreen, a giant eucalyptus tree that had fallen across our lane that we didn't see until it was almost too late, it was a relief to arrive in Mooroopna. It was a very long, scary drive (14 hours all up) and we were very happy when we finally got to my son's house 45 minutes later.
Light display on the old water tower in Mooroopna.
  We spent a day recovering from the drive and then headed off to Melbourne.
Art installations, the cow cracks me up!
The colours of Melbourne.
Scenes from our walk.
Swan nest on the banks of the Yarra River.
It turned out to be a very long day, 5 hours driving time and 5 hours going from store to store at the DFO's, not my idea of a fun time.
Benalla botanic gardens and the ceramic mural that took 27 years to complete.
Lunch on Saturday at the Red Stag restaurant, Eurobin and Mount Buffalo, just beautiful.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Victoria but one week wasn't enough time to do all the things we had planned. Next time we are planning to stay longer and take our time getting there and back home again. One thing I did learn from this trip, if you're visiting Victoria in October pack a coat and winter shoes otherwise you are going to be cold. At least I remembered to take an umbrella.



  1. What a lovely rundown of your trip. I pass by some of those sights (including the cow in the tree - I love it!) on my daily ride into work and you've made me look at them with fresh eyes! You easily get accustomed to it all, but seeing in through the eyes of a visitor makes it all fresh and exciting again. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for visiting Bek. I'm hoping to have more time to explore Melbourne on our next trip, I'm sure there is much more to see that we didn't have the time for.