01 November 2015

Garden Share Collective - Design

  My veggie patch has gone through some changes over the past six and a half years. 
It started out like this;
April 2009

It was extended in 2010.
Moving the fence line 7th September 2010
And a change was made to the layout.
27th September 2010

A new addition in the form of a chicken coop and run was made two years later.
September 2012

Today the garden looks like this; at least it does for now anyway. The chicken coop and run were moved and I now have a total of 16 garden beds of various sizes and I am pretty happy with it.

But if I could, this is what I would love to do.

Raised garden beds, a dedicated fruit bed, greenhouse, a couple of insect hotels, flowers to attract bees, butterflies and beneficial insects, and benches to sit on, so that I could have a cuppa (or a glass of wine) and just enjoy the garden. Maybe next year.

This month I installed a drip irrigation system in half the garden beds, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, it was however very tedious and time consuming, and I discovered muscles I had forgotten about.

I still have to add compost to the remaining beds, finish installing the drip irrigation system, and plant all the seedlings and I'm hoping it will be a few more weeks before I have to put the shade cloth up because it has been a very busy month and I'm not sure I have the energy for any extra work at the moment. 

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