04 December 2015

Garden Share Collective - Growth

I wasn't going to do a post for this month's Garden Share Collective because I didn't think I had anything to share, but a quick walk around the garden and potted plants proved me wrong.

Sweet corn, sown weeks ago and only now starting to sprout.

Potatoes missed during harvest coming up in the bean bed.

Self seeded tomatoes and a curious chicken. Hi Rosie.

Banana chilli I think, the label went missing when I re-potted it. Three years old and still growing strong.

I have no idea what type of tomato this is, it came up out of the compost I had spread over the front gardens. Anyone have any idea?

My Chester blackberry is in fruit, not a lot, but more than last year.

The only remaining (tiny) bunch of grapes, the rest were burnt to a crisp in the three day heat wave we had in October.


Tomatoes, a handful every few days, all from self-seeded tomato plants.


I am still unsure as to whether or not I will be planting anything else in the garden this summer. Summer has only just begun and my water tanks are almost empty already and with this being an El Niño year, which means less rain and warmer than average  temperatures, I'm just not sure it will be worth it. I do have some tomato seedlings that I will be planting up into pots, but that might be all I plant.
Well, that's it for this month, you can see more post like this at A Fresh Legacy and Rosehips and Rhubarb.


  1. Great that you're got some tomatoes already & a lot to look forward to. Have a great month, my tanks are dry as well, hoping for summer storms.☺

    1. Some rain would be perfect right about now.

  2. Looks like your garden is really struggling this time around. Hasn't it been so hot so early this year? Not a good indicator of things to come. My tanks were bone dry but now have a little water in them after a storm came through a few days ago. Fingers crossed you get some rain soon. Have you managed to figure out why some of your plants are dying? Hoping conditions improve for your garden soon :)

    1. It has gotten hot very early this year and I don't think it is going to get any cooler any time soon. No, I haven't worked out why my plants died, just one of those things I guess. There is one branch on the buddlejia that has survived and is still growing so I guess that is something.