13 June 2016

From My Kitchen

I cleaned out one draw of the freezer last week and found two bags of strawberries, two small tubs of mixed berries (bought half price), 8 frozen bananas and two small bags of rhubarb.

The berries were made into a mixed berry jam, it didn't set very well and is a bit runny, but it tastes good.

The bananas were made into two banana cakes, one for now and one sliced and into the freezer.

The rhubarb, along with some apples were turned into a rhubarb and apple crumble.

I also had some quinces given to me which I attempted to make into quince paste. 

I followed this recipeI'm not sure what I did wrong, but I could not get it to set. The quinces were cooked in the slow cooker until soft, then cooled and blended until smooth, sugar was then added, and then cooked for a further 3 hours on the stove top. The mix was still quite wet, so I tried baking it in a slow oven in an attempt to dry it out more, but that didn't work. This is my second attempt at quince paste, the same thing happened with the first attempt using a different recipe, there will not be a third. 
So, tell me, anything exciting happening in your kitchen?


  1. I bet that Rhubarb and Apple Crumble was delicious! It's early in the morning as I'm typing but I'm now thinking of dessert!

    1. It was absolutely delicious, it's probably my favourite dessert.

  2. I have done quince paste and had the same thing happen I think it has to do with the natural pectin content of the fruit. I just kept cooking it till it was thick. I love crumble and custard yumm

    1. I'm glad it isn't just me it happens to. Now that I know about the pectin I might be tempted give it another go as I really do like quince paste.