30 June 2016


Welcome to this month's Garden Share Collective, hosted by Kyrstie from A Fresh Legacy and Kate from Rosehips and Rhubarb, the theme this month is TASTE

Taste; it's a word that we use a lot to describe the food we eat, there's a taste of summer, a taste of the Mediterranean, a taste of home, as well as sweet, salty, sour, spicy and so many more. Taste it is such an important sense, how else would we know what was good to eat and what wasn't.

When you grow your own fruit and vegetables you soon realise what a difference in taste there is between shop bought produce and home grown. Everything homegrown is bursting with flavour, even lettuce tastes better. The reason for this is because the produce picked from your own garden is fresh! It hasn't been picked unripe and then artificially ripened when it's needed, it hasn't been stored for long periods of time and it hasn't had to travel many kilometres to get to your table, instead it's picked, prepared and on your table within a very short period of time.

My favourite taste from my winter garden would definitely be broccoli.

An old photo, my broccoli is no where near ready to harvest yet.
Closely followed by peas.
The peas are finally starting to climb, I can't wait to start eating them.

Tiny Medania spinach seedlings.

The garden and I are both enjoying all the rain we have had here in the last few weeks, it means that I don't have to work as hard, which gives me more time to concentrate on some of my other hobbies.


While I would love to be able to brag and show you all the delicious produce I've been harvesting, the truth is I haven't picked a thing, but I have hope that by next month's GSC I will be able to if not brag at least have something to show for all my hard work and patience.


I finally got around to sowing some carrot seeds.
I had to sow more Telephone pea seeds because of what I thought was poor germination, but I think that it's actually the Blackbirds digging them up.
More garlic was planted and hallelujah, it all sprouted.
I also sowed more spinach.

Things to do

Try to keep on top of the weeds
I still need to sow seeds for turnip, wombok, pak choi

That's it for another month of Garden Share Collective, pop over to either Kyrstie's or Kate's blog and check out what others have shared about taste. I will see you next month for another round of Garden Share Collective.


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