28 July 2016

Dead Man's Pass Reserve

Located in Gawler, South Australia, Dead Man's Pass Reserve is  a lovely place to walk your dog or to just enjoy a walk in nature on a sunny winter's day.

The scene that greets you as you enter the reserve.
The area is alive with sound as the six species of frog that call it home vie with each other to see who is the loudest.

It is also home to several species of birds, including the Australian Reed Warbler.
If you look closely you can just make out the Australian Reed Warbler perching on the reeds.
If you would like to hear the song of the Reed Warbler click here.

Two of the locals enjoying a drink at the water hole.

The reeds were in full bloom.

There are nesting boxes in many of the trees.
Bluestone was quarried in the area for many years and was used to build the Gawler Town Hall.
An old eucalyptus burnt out by fire no doubt.
Is this the tree that the unfortunate wanderer was interred in?
Winter time is the only time you'll see the river running so freely.

 If you're ever in Gawler during winter and you're looking for somewhere to talk a walk, or have a picnic, be sure to check out Dead Man's Pass reserve.

To find out more about Dead Man's Pass and how it got it's name click here.


  1. What a beautiful place to walk, Jan. I could spend forever exploring there. Meg:)

    1. It was my first time there (but not my last) even though I have lived here for seven years.