31 August 2016

Repurpose - Reuse - Recycle

A monthly post to (hopefully) inspire you to look at old things in a new way.

All gardeners have them, they are a necessity in every garden, but what do you do with your hose when it is no longer usable. Below are a few ideas to help keep that old hose out of landfill and turn it into something useful or decorative around the garden.

Mark from Mark Kintzel Design turned his old hose into a door mat after the garbage collectors refused to take it.

Carla from Cosmo Girls Emporium used an old hose and turned it into an outdoor flower wreath.

Use a hose and some artificial leaves and add some whimsy to your front gate.
Source unknown
From HGTV comes a great idea for all of us veggie gardeners.

Kara from Kara Paslay Designs shared this photo on her blog showing how the Mattress Factory used hoses to create a little fence around their vegetable garden.

I don't now that anyone who would have enough different coloured hoses to do this, but what a great way to brighten up the wall of a shed or garage.
Bachman's Summer Idea House via Quirk Madame

And lastly, it might get a bit hot to sit on if left out in the sun, but I think a hose chair could be very comfortable.
Source - Pinterest

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  1. Gee, people are so clever! I really love the little woven fence ...what a great idea!

    1. People's imaginations never cease to amaze me, my favourite is the bright flowers on the garage.