15 September 2016

Pea Update

The peas are coming on nicely now and over the next two weeks I am expecting a glut of Purple Podded peas,  

but for now I have to content myself with snow peas.

These are Oregon snow peas and after giving them another chance this year I have decided that they're just not for me. They aren't as sweet as Mammoth Melting, the peas develop very quickly and if you're not quick to pick them, you end up with podded peas instead of snow peas.

The Blue Bantam and Early Crop Massey (both podded peas) are doing OK, not producing massive amounts, but enough.
A combination of Blue Bantam and Early Crop Massey.

The Telephone pea vines are covered in flowers and pea pods and should  give a reasonable harvest and I'm hoping the Sugar snaps will too.

My favourite pea by far this year is not even of the edible variety, but their fragrance, and their lovely colours more than make up for it.

I didn't know that sweet peas came in white I will definitely be saving seeds for next year.

My biggest mistake, and one I won't be repeating next year, was planting the rows of peas too close together. They are now all tangled together and trying to separate them is a pain.


  1. Yumm I love peas straight from the shell there is nothing better. I hope you get a good crop.

    1. I love them straight from the pod as well, I'm lucky if any actually make it into the kitchen.

  2. It's wonderful that you have different pea varieties growing in your garden. I love the purple podded peas...so pretty! My favourite peas are sweet peas though. This year, we have only white and deep pink blooms on our sweet peas...no purples or reds. Meg

    1. I was thinking that there were only the 3 colours, but I've since noticed a pretty pale pink one and a mauve one. A deep pink would be very nice as well.