12 April 2017

Snowy - At Last

After many seeds sown and a few false starts I finally managed to get a "Snowy" eggplant to grow this year. It started to flower, but never set any fruit or so I thought. Look at what I discovered this morning when I went down to the vegetable garden.
To say I got excited to see it is an understatement, but it's my first and grown from seed which makes it extra special in my book.


  1. WOW! You must be very chuffed having grown that from seed, Jan. We used to have a very green thumbed neighbour who would grow the most amazing produce and he would often bring over these "snowy" eggplants along with his herbs and limes. They were delicious... Enjoy it! Meg:)

    1. I am very happy with my little eggplant Meg. It took a lot of time and patience to get this one, so you can be sure I will enjoy every bite.