18 April 2017

The Great Pumpkin Harvest

Well, maybe great is a bit of an exaggeration, but compared to last years harvest of one minuscule butternut,

this years harvest was indeed great.
10.4kg of Butternut and 4.8kg of an unknown volunteer.

As you can see in the photo one of the pumpkins has split, I have since found out that it is an indication that the fruit had been left on the vine too long.  It was the second one to have done it, my own fault, but I wanted to make sure they were fully ripened before I picked them. I was worried that they might have gone mouldy or started to rot inside, but when I cut them open they were just fine and the pumpkin soup that was made with them was absolutely delicious.

There are still three more Butternut pumpkins on the vine that should be ready to pick on the weekend, I will be making sure those are not left too long.

Did you grow pumpkins this year? How did they go?


  1. I have a volunteer pumpkin vine up the back at the moment, Jan. I haven't seen any flowers on it yet though. I wonder what kind your volunteer pumpkin is? We love pumpkin soup here, I'm sure yours made with your own pumpkins was delicious! Meg:)

    1. I have had a couple of people suggest it might be a Jarrahdale, how it ended up in my veggie garden I don't know, but I know I will enjoy eating it. I hope your pumpkin produces well for you.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Kathy. They make all the time and effort that goes into growing them worth it.