07 December 2018

Bloomin' Lovely - Spring 2018

Spring is over and after a very mild spring, summer is definitely here, as I sit here writing this post (10 am ACDT), it is currently 36.6°C (97.8°F) with an expected high of 41°C (105.8°F).

Spring this year was the strangest one I've ever known, the weather was all over the place with days in the mid 30's and then dropping down to the low teens, it was unbelievably windy and nighttime temperatures got down as low as 4°C (39.2°F) which meant that up until three days ago I still had blankets on my bed, which I didn't mind as I love the cooler weather and dread the heat that summer brings, we did have some really good rain at the end of November, but it has quickly dried up with the heat of this week.

Despite the strange spring weather conditions the plants flowered as they normally would so I thought that I would share some of the flowers that bloomed in my garden during the past 3 months.

I bought some daffodil bulbs at the beginning of spring, planted them and although they all grew only these two flowered, the one in the bottom photo is definitely my favourite.

One of my favourite natives, Geraldton Wax, this one is "Raspberry Ripple".

I bought this Gerbera for $2 at a local nursery and managed to keep it alive long enough for it to bloom. The photo doesn't do it justice though as it is a lot more fluorescent in real life.

My "Lavish Rose" Lavender flowered so much better this year than it did last year it could be because I actually remembered to fertilise it this year.

I've waited five years for this Melaleuca "Apricot Delight to flower, it was worth the wait.

My rock orchid didn't flower at all last year so I was pleasantly surprised to find it covered in flower spikes this year.

I have never sown seed for or planted Hollyhocks, but every year they pop up in my garden, some years there will be a lot and some years like this year they will only be a couple.

I was lucky to have any Sweet Peas at all this year, every time I sowed seeds the Blackbirds would dig them up while they were hunting for bugs in the garden.

I love this Rain Forest Lily, the flowers last for weeks and when they are finished these unusual seed pods appear.

Scabiosa, it copes with whatever nature throws at it and the bees just love it.

They might be considered old-fashioned by some, but wallflowers will always be a favourite of mine, their fragrance alone makes them worth growing.

The Wonga Wonga vine was absolutely spectacular this year, but no matter how many photos I took I could not capture just how amazing it looked.

What flowered in your garden this spring? Do you have a favourite spring flower or like me do you love them all?


  1. So many beautiful blooms, Jan. I thought Spring brought some strange weather too, some very hot days that fried a few things in my garden. I didn't grow sweet peas this year, the time for planting just passed me by! Lovely that you got some to enjoy. Meg🙂

    1. Thanks Meg. I was almost too late with my sweet peas this year, I didn't sow them until June, I've put a reminder in my garden journal for next year so I don't forget again. I hope you're enjoying your time on Stradbroke.

  2. Such pretty flowers...I always love the lavender flowers and smells.

    1. Thanks Kathy, lavender has always been one of my favourite flowers too.