16 September 2019

This Weekend

Hello everyone, it's been a while, I know, and I'm sorry about that, life just got in the way but I'm back now and I'm hoping to write a blog post every day, it won't be anything of monumental importance just me and my everyday life. To start off here is what I got up to over the weekend.

Friday, September 13th
I slept in this morning, which is unusual for me as I normally wake up between 6.30 and 7.30 most mornings. It's a beautiful day outside, the sun is shining and the temperature will reach 21°C perfect for some outdoor work. 

The fish in my fish pond (it is an old zinc bathtub) are suffering from some type of fungal infection and I have lost half of my fish despite my best efforts so first up today I need to empty half of the water out of the pond, refill it with rainwater and then add some more fungal medication, hopefully that will fix the problem and I won't lose any more fish. 

It hasn't rained here for a while and the gardens are dry so I also needed to put the sprinkler on the vegetable garden which is looking very healthy but producing slowly it needs to hurry up and grow as it won't be long before I will need to start planting out my summer crops. 

As spring is in the air I fertilised all the pot plants, (I have a lot so this took quite a long time), and the fruit bushes, I gave the orange trees a drink of Epsom salts as they are looking a bit yellow, they are covered in flowers at the moment so I am hoping for a good crop of oranges from them.

Saturday, September 14th
There is a large area outside my backdoor that is all concrete so to soften its appearance a bit I have lots of pot plants there, but there were far too many small pots which made the area look very untidy so I decided to consolidate some of the smaller plants into larger pots and I got rid of any that had died or that weren't growing as well as it should. 

Before all this happened though I went for a walk to my local Aldi store for some groceries, I then met my daughter and we went plant shopping which is one of our favourite things to do which is how I ended up with so many pot plants, I've banned myself from buying anything but annuals and vegetable plants from now on. I came home with a punnet of Alyssum, one of pansies, another of dahlias and a clary sage plant which is for the flower garden in the veggie patch.

I also got my housemate to help me hang some plant hangers that my daughters had bought me for Mothers day last year. It took a few hours but it looks so much better now and I'm happy with it which is the main thing.  
The pot of dirt in the background has Calla lillies planted in it and they are just starting to emerge.

Sunday, September 15th
It was meant to be a day of relaxation and doing only those things that I wanted to do but I discovered that I have lost the art of relaxation and instead of enjoying the day I ended up feeling cranky and of sorts. I did get some photos loaded onto my phone and iPad to upload to my two Instagram accounts which I guess was better than nothing. If you would like to check out my Instagram accounts you can find them here and here.

Until tomorrow, Jan.


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