02 August 2013

A Quiet Week

It's been quiet this week. I'm feeling a little introspective, slightly overwhelmed with things and not wanting to do much of anything.  But I did want to share a few photos from the last week or so.
I had been helping my daughter feed the steers and heifers while uni was on semester break.
 It's been fun, and a break from our normal routine but it has also been very wet and extremely muddy.

Which made for some very dirty gumboots indeed. 

Sunset through the trees.

 So excited to discover my first ever cauliflower, grown from seed no less.

Purple sprouting broccoli which hopefully will start producing soon.

Something is eating my kai lan but I can't figure out what.

 Blackbirds high in the white cedar tree.
 It's nice to see that soursobs are good for something other than trying to take over my yard.

Field peas germinated from the pea straw I use as mulch for the veggie garden, so pretty.

 Gorgeous skies.

A daily visitor,

and beautiful snowdrops. I will be back tomorrow with some thrifty finds.

1 comment:

  1. That cauliflower looks amazing. Well done!
    A quiet week is a good thing in my books.