20 August 2013

Well This Is Embarassing

On a sunny Sunday in March I sowed seeds of Chinese broccoli as well as various others. When they were big enough I transplanted the seedlings into the garden with the other brassicas and waited for them to grow. And grow they did, into lovely, lush green plants and I have been using the leaves in stir fries. The last time I used them they tasted a bit bitter but I didn't think anything of it just that maybe the leaves became bitter the bigger they were.
The next morning I went down to give the hens some leaves as a treat and just as I was snapping the leaf off I noticed a bulbous growth coming out of the ground, what the hey!! Turns out my Chinese broccoli was in actual fact ...ahem... turnips!

Seriously, what sort of gardener am I that I can't tell the difference between Chinese broccoli and turnip leaves? The thing is I never even gave any thought to the shape and colour of the leaves, that was the spot where I planted the Chinese broccoli (and that was what was written on the label); therefore it must be Chinese broccoli.  So, if the Chinese broccoli turned out to be turnips, what happened to the Chinese broccoli? I guess that will remain one of gardening’s little mysteries.
As for the turnips, they were sweet, tender and good enough to eat raw; instead they went into the soup that I just happened to be making that day.
So tell me, have you ever made a mistake like this? Surely I can't be the only one!

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  1. My mother (who has been gardening for 15 years!) discovered the other day that the 'perpetual spinach' and 'silverbeet' she had been harvesting for years was actually beetroot! The beetroot looks like TREE TRUNKS after many years of growth. She was always disappointed that her beetroot seeds didn't come up, and confused as to how there was so much perpetual spinach and silverbeet growing! So don't worry, you are definitely not the only one! :)