11 August 2013

Signs Of Spring

It's feels like winter has only just begun and I'm definitely not ready for spring yet. But whether I'm ready or not the signs are there, telling me that spring is just around the corner.
 White Hyancinth
Caterpillar of the black and white tiger moth.
Oriental poppy bud.
Peach blossoms in my neighbours yard.
Hydrangea shoots.


  1. Wow, what is the flower in the first photo, it's stunning. Great photos, and yes it definitely looks like spring is on the way, although it sure doesn't feel like it today.
    Is the fourth pic a poppy? Love the detail you can see in that one.

    1. Hi Sharon, The first photo is a white hyancith and the fourth one is a poppy. I don't know the name of it but they grow pretty much wild here.