02 April 2016

A Slight Change In (Garden) Plans

It seems that I'm not happy unless I'm changing things around, I was certainly not happy with the way the vegetable garden was looking. I have been wanting to add more flowers to the vegetable garden for a while now so I sacrificed just over two metres of growing space for that purpose, which still left me with ten garden beds. When my girls gave me a greenhouse for my birthday I thought it would look good in the middle of what would become the flower garden. I also added my two plums trees and an insect hotel as well as three Salvias "Joan", "Hot Lips" and an unnamed blue one, Senicio "Vira Vira" and a Lion's Ear plant. The space very quickly became too crowded and getting in to water the plants and fill up the bee/butterfly dish behind the plum trees was quite difficult.

November 2015

So, over the Easter long weekend I spent a few hours changing things around. As you can see I turned the greenhouse 90° and pushed it back into the corner. I moved the Salvia "Joan", and the insect hotel needed to be moved as I had it in the wrong place.

April 2016

I may have lost a couple metres of vegetable gardens but I am so much happier with the layout of the veggie patch now. Having a greenhouse is wonderful, some of the seeds that I sowed on Easter Monday sprouted in two days, usually it takes up to ten days. I think that this is the last time the garden will be changed as I am very happy with how it is now. I am looking forward to planting out the flowers and the herbs to keep the bees happy once the seedlings get big enough.


  1. Wow, those plans look so professional....I'm sure it will result in a very organized veggie and flower patch....quietly jealous...great job. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

    1. I have a subscription to a site called GrowVeg.com, it allows you to plan out your garden, helps with crop rotation, and how many plants you can grow in each bed. I really enjoy using it because you can see what it will look like and how much you can grow before you actually start.