28 April 2016

Freezing Herbs

I was lucky enough to score some free herbs this week, herbs that had reached their use by date,  herbs that would otherwise have ended up as landfill.

My apology for the less than stellar quality photos, my kitchen doesn't have
good light at the best of times and today is overcast and grey.

The sage was well past the use by date and didn't look real pretty, but I separated out the good leaves from the bad leaves, washed them, gave them a whirl in the salad spinner and then placed the leaves on a tea towel and left them to dry completely.

Once the leaves were dry, I put a sheet of greaseproof paper in my freezer drawer, put the leaves on top, put the drawer back in the freezer and left them overnight. 
Sage leaves
I did the same with the curry leaves, now I have sage and curry leaves, that didn't cost me anything, other than a little time and effort, in the freezer for use during winter. 
Curry leaves

I have successfully used this method with basil and coriander as well, so next time you see those little packets of herbs in the supermarket for 50% off or like me, score them for nothing, grab them and do what I do and save yourself some money.


  1. Makes sense to freeze herbs....a great post. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

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