08 April 2014

Bloomin' Lovely

There isn't a lot flowering in my gardens at the moment but I thought I would share some pictures of what has been over the past few weeks.

Oxalis purpurea and oxalis hirta have awoken from their summer slumber to provide a splash of colour in the garden.
Oxalis purpurea

Oxalis hirta
 I have no idea what the name of this rose is as it was here when I moved in. The buds are a very pale apricot and as you can see it opens up to a soft blush pink.
 One of two minature roses in the garden but once again I don't know it's name.
One of my favourites, Woburn Abbey.
Grandma's Rose, I love the slighty antique look to the petals.  It is thornless and has a beautiful fragrance.

Blue salvia
Seaside daisy just now starting to recover and flower after the hot summer.
 A late hollyhock.
Correa "Dusky Bells".
Cape Mallow, it has flowered constantly since I planted it almost two years ago even during the heat waves we have experienced here in South Australia this past summer. It is a definite favourite with the bees.
Stock that I had collected seed from thinking it would die down but it surprised me by flowering again.
And last but by no means least my dwarf Buddleja "Ivory".
What is flowering in your garden now?


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