10 April 2014

This Week In The Garden

The asparagus plants are laden with seed pods.
The first flower buds appeared on the "Blue Bantam" dwarf peas.
With more coming up.
 The chilli plants are still producing.
The capsicum plant I bought that turned out to be a banana chilli.

Cayenne pepper
Yellow hot wax
Garlic shoots are emerging from the earth.
The kent pumpkin that I thought was dead has sprung back to life,
and is flowering.
I doubt whether there is enough time for it to set fruit before the cold weather arrives though.
There is the possibility of a few tomatoes.
At the end of February I sowed 24 "Windsor Longpod" bean seeds, unfortunately only eight germinated. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will get at least a few beans.
And finally while not in the vegetable garden but still edible I planted two pineapple tops in the garden at the back of the house. Hopefully in 18 months or so we will be eating home grown pineapple.


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