05 October 2021

Blogtober Day 4

 Hello everyone, I have decided to participate in Blogtober and write a blog post every day this month. I'll warn you now that some days will be boring, but I'm hoping that writing every day will get me back into the habit of writing more often than a few times a year.

I woke to gloomy skies and rain this morning which made it the perfect day to stay inside and potter around catching up on some of the things I had been putting off like sorting out the small plastics recycling. I'm pleased to say that I got it all sorted and into the recycling bin except for the empty skincare and toothpaste tubes which have had the bottom cut off them and are now soaking in the laundry sink, tomorrow I will clean them out and get them ready for recycling. 

Another job on my list for today was checking on my houseplants, of which I have too many, and seeing which ones need to be watered. 

Just one of my 40+ houseplants, philodendron "Congo Red".

A lot of my afternoon was taken up trying to find places to recycle various items like printer cartridges,  batteries, water filters and the skincare tubes that I mentioned above. I'm happy to say I found a way to recycle them all. I will be back soon with another post.


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