09 October 2021

Blogtober Day 9

Today was a day of sunshine, blue sky and it was the perfect temperature (22°C) for working outside. I spent most of the day down in the vegetable garden weeding and digging up spent broccoli plants. I don't think I've ever had so much Milk Thistle in the garden before.

The garden before.

I have a real issue at the moment with whitefly on my Brussel sprouts but decided not to spray as the garden needed watering. It will have to be done soon though or the whitefly will start to affect the growth of the plants.

The garden after. 

The only thing left are two very healthy bok choi plants that were hidden under all the weeds, and the Brussels sprouts which I'm hoping will reach maturity before it gets too hot, I had to cut the top of one as it was going to flower. Tomorrow I will plant out my bean seedlings which should have been done a while ago.


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